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< BIOS Editor(Insyde) >

1. About this service

This service allows you to modify the BIOS of your device using our tools. We provide you with the Change Setup Default tool and the Change Logo tool to enable the modification of the default settings of the BIOS (binary files) and the image of splash screens respectively. In the future, we will continue to provide users with more support and features.

2. What product models do our tools support?

This tool supports the modification of the BIOS on the models built on Intel® Skylake processors.


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1. What BIOS settings are not supported?

This tool does not support the modification of 'Boot Device Priority' and its related settings.


< BIOS Editor(Insyde) - Change Logo >

1. What is the file format requirement for changing logos?

The format of the logo files must be jpg or jpeg. And a logo’s resolution should be from 800 to 1920 pixels in width and from 600 to 1200 pixels in height.


< VIP Ticket System >

1. About this system

This system is a dedicated service for DFI's VIP customers to report technical issues and create support tickets. By using the system, the VIP customers could easily obtain the status of support tickets without the need to send emails. This will bring better efficiency in support services and further lead to higher customer satisfaction.

2. What browser does this system support?

The following browsers are supported for proper operation of the system:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

3. How do I find in 'BIOS Version' when creating a ticket?

The BIOS version is shown in its binary file as part of the file name or you may find it in the BIOS setup menu.

4. How do I search for a specific ticket?

We suggest that you write the "Subject" lines using the convention: "[Product Name] - [Ticket Title]" when creating a ticket. This allows for easier searches.